The Battle Over Troy Field-Take Action or Let it Go.

While scrolling through my social news feed over the weekend I stumbled upon this post (names blocked to protect the offenders)

FB post Troy Field

Offenders you say?  Yes, offenders.  While it is the weekend I wasn’t able to call Fratzke Commercial or the Bend-LaPine school district to get exact information as to how long Troy Field was listed but I’m pretty sure it was at least 2 years that a couple of very large signs made it perfectly clear that the property was intended to be sold. 

So let’s act like we typically do in Bend-

•Wait until the property is essentially sold to start waving hands and exclaiming “Think of the Children!!”

•Whine and complain and take no action except to foul up an offer that the school district has received on the property when nobody else has either done it or been able to come up with the funds to buy it.

Am I opposed to the property becoming a community park or gathering area rather than a boutique hotel?  No-what I am opposed to is the attitude of the people of Bend in situations like this. 

Do you think that the school district one day just decided that it would be nice to dump this piece of land because they didn’t have a need to?  I think not. 

There is constant pressure on our school system to provide more with less, increase number of schools due to growth in the area, and to provide the children in this community with the best teachers, staff, education, and resources they possibly can.

Before I start to sound like a complainer of the status quo, I offer a solution that solves everyone’s problems.  As it states in the post above and in this Bulletin article,  there is a hearings meeting on February 24th with the city council to decide if the designation will be allowed to be changed to allow a hotel to be built there. 

Instead of a bunch of people showing up and saying how historic this piece of land is and how important it is to them (as is obvious by the crushed beer cans and piles of dog excrement all over the field) why doesn’t this community put its money where its mouth is.

The school district has an offer from Brownstone Development of $1.9 million dollars for the property.  In the next 24 days before this hearing how much money can this community raise to buy this property and turn it over to Bend Parks and Recreation to not only keep it a green space, but develop it into a community gathering area and have it be more than a dog park with some old cyclone fencing around it. 

What do you say Bendites?  Time to step up if this is important to you. 

A fundraising campaign will be setup at and unlike or the host will not keep upwards of 30% of the proceeds raised.  To be completely transparent, the company,, keeps 5% that covers processing and administrative fees. 

So, NO, the next step is not city council on Feb 24th, the next step is to take action now and to get the word out to your friends, family, corporate sponsors, and anyone that you think will take action and donate to keep Troy Field a part of Bend rather than another boutique hotel in downtown Bend. 

Of course, if nobody takes action it just makes it clear to the city council that the current initiative is a minority of the population complaining to hear themselves talk, and the city should just allow the designation to be changed so we can all move on.

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