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Leonard’s Bakery, Hawaii, meet Sweetheart Donuts of Bend, Oregon

Leonard’s Bakery, in Honolulu, Hawaii, is the standard to which I hold all glazed donuts. Many who know Leonard’s, know their malasadas. Truly the greatest malasadas I’ve ever tasted, but I’m talking about their donuts. Pure and simple.

Ok, purely fattening and simply sugar, but let’s not go there.

I have been looking high and low for a donut that could compete with Leonard’s. (Well, actually, no. I do have a life and seeking out rivals to a Hawaiian donut shop isn’t an aspiration of mine.)

But I finally did find a little donut place here in lil’ ol’ Bend, Oregon, that is in the ranking with Leonard’s.SweetheartDonuts_Logo

Sweetheart Donuts

Sweetheart Donuts on 3rd Street (south of Franklin) – They are the Best Donuts In Bend!  It’s a bakery so fine that it brings me back to my college days.

[Cue wavy, blurry flashback image that goes from color to black and white…]

Leonards_Bakery_SignIt’s Hawaii. I’m at college learning business, taking theatre, and dancing hula. (that’s my aspiration: go to the beach during the day and dance hula at night for the tourists. Yep, I’m a go-getter.)

It’s Saturday. I walk from my dorm room down to the beach. My dorm is up on a hill in the Kalihi Valley in Honolulu, and the beach is at the end of Waikiki.

[Cue elderly woman’s voice: “Why when I was a kid, I had to walk to the beach. And I had to walk up hill to get back home.”]

On the way home was a treat: Leonard’s Bakery on Kapahulu Ave. Been around since the early fifties and a local favorite.

“One glistening, glazed donut, please. Just one. Not because I’m disciplined but because I’m a poor college student. This is a luxury.” One bite was the taste of sweet, fresh lightness…

But, alas, I graduated. Life took me here and there and away from the best donut shop ever.

And then I found Sweetheart Donuts. Right here in Bend, and close to my house.

I’m no longer a poor, college kid and I can have two, count ’em, two donuts!

The people behind the counter at Sweethearts are so nice and helpful, efficient and always smiling. Even when there’s a crowd waiting to imbibe in luxury

And boy, can they bake!

Racks and racks of different kinds of donuts: you got your Fancy, your Old-fashioneds, your Maple bars, your Twists and Knots and Fritters…

Aloha, Leonard’s. I got me some Sweetheart’s.

Sweetheart Donuts is open everyday from 5:30am to 2:00pm or until they run out.

Here’s a hint:  get there early; those glaze donuts go fast!

Here’s a sweet suggestion: Valentine’s Day can mean donuts! And, didja know there’s a National Donut Day the first Friday in June? And hey, there’s always the 4th of July that could make a great donut day! Should anyone happen to buy me a glazed donut on one of those days, I’d be happy to dance the hula.

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